The Prowler

Know The Different
Types Of Married Women

The Prowler

Married women who fall into this category chose to married of convenience. This means that she only married because of either, money, social status, or for the overall security. Like many young girls these woman wants to get her hand on any man who pays attention on her and only her.

Man should be aware of her advances. She would probably do anything to get what she wants. This type of married woman are very much like cougar, or older women, During their sexual peak they would chase for younger good looking male for their flesh.

The prowler is a predator of the jungle that will consume you and spit you out as she wishes. At the end of the day a male can never have her control or control her. She would or can never understand the idea of a divorce. She also has no sincere interest in you after she has finish with you nor would she consider staying to develop a long term relationship.

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